Swim meet held in honour of the late coach Sue Coleby

As of Friday, November 18, 2022


BAHAMAS Aquatics hosted its eighth annual CG Atlantic Medical Invitational, held in honour of the late swimming coach Sue Coleby, at the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex on Saturday.

#MAKO Aquatics Club’s Harold Simmons broke the only record on Saturday as the Bahamas Aquatics hosted its eighth annual CG Atlantic Medical Invitational at the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex.

#At the one-day meet that was held in honour of the late coach Sue Coleby, Simmons clocked one minute and 17.02 seconds to establish the new record in the 100 backstroke in the boys’ 8-10 age group division.

#Simmons was also named the high point winner in his age group with 52 points, beating out Liam Lewis of the Barracuda Swim Club, who accumulated 42 for second. Mako’s Blair Thompson and Adrian Dean got third and fourth with 31 and 29 respectively. Christon Joseph of the Blue Waves rounded out the top five with 25.

#The high point winners in the other age groups are as follows:

#Girls 8-and-under

#The Barracuda Swim Club got a 1-2 punch from Emma Wallace, the winner with 41 and Delnia Hamilton, the runner-up with 37. Jaleah Knowles of the Freeport Aquatic Club was third with 30 and the Blue Waves got fourth and fifth from Kirsten Rolle with 27 and Cailyn Dean with 22.

#Boys 8-and-under

#Fraser Manzies of the Alpha Aquatics was the winner with 36. The Barracuda got second and third from Cole Albury with 33 and Stafford Sweeting with 32. Lyall Menzies of Alpha Aquatics was fourth with 28 and Dakota Bastian of the Blue Waves completed the top five with 21.

#Girls 9-10

#It was another sweep of the top two spots for the Barracuda with Alissa Ferguson taking first place with 54, followed by Noel Pratt with 38. Taylen Nicholls got third for Mako Aquatic with 31, while the Barracuda’s Veranique Strachan was fourth with 29 and Dasha Griffin got fifth with 28.

#Girls 11-12

#The Barracuda Swim Club clinched the top four spots, led by Lelah Lewis with 54. Saleste Gibson trailed with 48, Madison Gilbert had 39 and Madyson Julien had 36. Samirah Donaldson completed the top five with 27.

#Boys 11-12

#It was another 1-2 finish for the Barracuda as David Singh won with 51 and Will Farrington was second with 47. Black Marlins’ Alexander Murray was third with 46. Keron Burrows of the Barracuda was fourth with 34 and Ta-naj of the Freeport Aquatics came in fifth with 29.

#Girls 13-14

#Alanna Murray of the Black Marlins Swim Club topped the field with 50.

#She was followed by Lauren Bridgewater of the Barracuda with 41, Elina Fiaux of the Lyford Cay Club with 36 and Mako’s Taliyhah Bowe with 27 and Rayven Ward with 24.

#Boys 13-14

#Donald Saunders of the Lightning Aquatics emerged as the winner with 34.

#Orion Moss of the Black Marlins Swim Club had 29 as the runner-up.

#Michael Fox of Alpha Aquatic was third with 28, Te Moncur III of the Barracuda had 27 and team-mate Michael Miller ended up fifth with 24.

#Girls 15-and-over

#Barracuda’s Rhanishka Gibbs took the top spot with 50.

#Her nearest rival was Jade Deane of the Freeport Aquatic with 40.

#Alpha Aquatic’s Bianca Johnson had 29 for third and Leylah Knowles had 25 for fourth. Barracuda’s Grace Farrington got fifth with 24.

#Boys 15-and-over

#Back Marlins Swim Club’s Joshua Murray posted a total of 49 for the top spot.

#The Barracuda’s Hodari Prince was the runner-up with 41 and John Barr got third with 36.

#Black Marlins’ Thomas Bower was fourth with 35, one more than Tristan Ferguson of Mako Aquatic with 34.

#Next up on the federation’s calendar will be the Mako Aquatic Club’s swim meet in Grand Bahama today and Saturday before the Lightning Aquatic Club will host their swim meet on Saturday, November 26 at the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex.


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