Trevor Bain joins Las Ranchos team

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Trevor Bain joins Las Ranchos team

MAKING A NAME FOR HIMSELF INTERNATIONALLY – Trevor Bain hoists the Zacatecas Basketball League championship trophy and championship Most Valuable Player award after Las Ranchos became champions in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. (PHOTO COURTESY OF TREVOR BAIN)BasketballSports  July 15, 2020  FN Sports Reporter Shayne Stubbs

Grand Bahamian basketball player Trevor Bain has been a household name locally, competing in various basketball leagues on the island, including the Grand Bahama Basketball Association (GBBA) and the YMCA Commercial League.

The former guard for the New Era Gym Rats, one of the top local teams in the GBBA, wowed a lot of fans with his speed and athleticism, while helping the team succeed locally and nationally. 

However, more was awaiting the local star. In September 2019, Bain participated in a G-League try-out in Orlando in an attempt to make one of the National Basketball Association’s Developmental League’s teams. While he did not make any of the teams, a scout from a team in the Zacatecas Basketball League of Mexico, promptly offered Bain a spot on the team. 

He actually landed on the Las Ranchos team. Despite missing most of the regular season due to injury, Bain helped the team win its first championship upon his return to the line-up, later in the season. 

The Freeport News caught up with Bain, recently, who shared the experience of playing for the foreign team. 

Of course, there was a steep difference in the styles of play between The Bahamas and Mexico. Nonetheless, according to Bain, he was able to make the adjustments necessary, which bared fruit for him and the team.

“I played in Puerto Escondido (a Municipality in Mexico). The experience was amazing and the city showed me a lot of love. 

“It was very different for me. I had to switch up the way I play and I had to learn to get my teammates more involved because I wasn’t surrounded by star players. So that was kind of difficult but in the end, it was all worth it,” he said.

Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic going on during the season, Bain informed they did not have to shut down as that city had no cases. 

The team went 45-27 and once Bain returned to the line-up for the final 24 games of the season, he averaged 28 points, eight rebounds, six assists and 2.7 steals per game.

That set up a monumental playoff run for Las Ranchos, which ultimately won Puerto Escondido’s first championship. Bain averaged 32 points, seven rebounds, 11 assists and 1.5 steals nightly during the playoff. 

Team chemistry certainly played a role for the team this year as it was also the first playoff appearance. It was certainly a memorable occasion for Bain who was named the Most Valuable Player of the championship. 

“The most memorable moment was winning a championship for that city because they never won a championship before and they never even made it to the playoffs.

“Going there my first year, and, being a part of that was the most memorable moment for me. I won the MVP trophy after we won the championship and it was also cool signing shirts, hats and stuff and taking pictures afterward. It was amazing.

“It made me a better player because I used to play fast, but now I play with more control and I have a more consistent shot.”

Bain admitted that being away from his family and friends here at home was a bit depressing but since returning home last week, he has been enjoying himself.

Currently, he plans to work out here at home while enjoying as much time as possible with his family. Bain also plans to return back to Puerto Escondido in January, pending the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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