YMCA supports lockdown

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YMCA supports lockdown

YMCA CLOSED – YMCA Executive Director Karon Pinder-Johnson said that the organization is fully supportive of doing what’s best to protect the island’s residents.Sports  

July 24, 2020 

Shayne Stubbs

The recently implemented two-week lockdown instated for Grand Bahama by Competent Authority, Prime Minister Hubert A. Minnis might be considered a blow by many, but the YMCA is fully supportive of doing what’s be the island’s residents. 

Executive Director for the ‘Y’, Karon Pinder-Johnson informed The Freeport News, that safety always comes first. 

“First of all let me start by saying safety first. I would hate to know that my life, or anyone’s life is compromised because the necessary steps weren’t taken to ensure Bahamians, and, those living within our country are put in a safe position, first and foremost.

“As for as the YMCA and the lockdown, it’s going to be a blow to us, because we operate on a financial shoestring. We operate on donations and depend on participation of programs. When those two elements aren’t in place, we find it difficult to offer our services to residents of Grand Bahama. 

“Nonetheless, we will do our very best once the lockdown has ended to reopen and provide the much-needed services for the community,” she said. 

Prior to the announcement of the lockdown, the local organization was set to launch a free six-week senior adult tennis program for persons 55 and older, and, also expand the list of available services.

The YMCA also launched its program with time periods allotted to groups of 12.

“Before the lockdown we were planning to launch a way to get our seniors moving and that was through our tennis program. 

“We wanted to extend the initiative by doing aerobics on the field. We were coming up with various ways to keep Grand Bahama moving, keeping seniors moving, and, keeping young people engaged. But of course, we’re right back to this safety element. 

“We must be cognizant of that, and, because of this I am in full agreement that the lockdown must come into play because the numbers (cases) have jumped tremendously. We need to adhere to it. We can’t think that if we don’t take this lockdown, to see how far we are as far as cases, then we’d be making a grave mistake. But, we’re hanging in there and we’re hoping for the best and preparing for the worst and doing our best to help the community.”

As of close of Monday July 20 the country’s COVID cases had increased to 174, with 101 confirmed cases confirmed in New Providence, 59 in Grand Bahama, 13 in Bimini and one case on Cat Cay. 

Since the opening of the country’s international borders, Grand Bahama has seen a significant surge in cases, with 51 new cases in just under two weeks.

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