Kevin Major Jr wins 3rd straight tournament

As of Wednesday, April 19, 2023




#Senior Sports Reporter

#For the third time this year, rising tennis star Kevin ‘KJ’ Major hoisted a championship trophy.

#His latest feat came at the Battle of Boca. Major prevailed with an identical score of 6-1, 6-1 over American Brock Anderson at the Rick Macci Tennis Center in Boca Raton, Florida, on Monday.

#He opened the tournament with an easy 6-0, 6-1 win over American Matthew Krusling before he had his toughest challenge in the quarterfinals where he prevailed with a hard fought 4-6, 6-2, 1-0 (10-5) decision over Sam Baldwin from Great Britain.

#But in the semi-final, Major breezed through with a 6-3, 6-2 win over Juan David Velasquez from Colombia before he put the icing on the cake in the final.

#The 28-year-old Major Jr said he felt like he was right at home.

#“This one was closer to home because I play a lot of tournaments in South Florida in the men’s open and so I was really geared up for it,” Major said. “I didn’t have any easy matches. The scores didn’t really reflect the outcome. I was just dialed in from start to finish.

#“I played one match that I had some trouble with in the first set, but I knew the score couldn’t sustain that level and then I won the second set with two breaks and I won the third set in the tie break.”

#After that, Major Jr said it was smooth sailing.

#“I won the semi-final and final in dominating fashion. In the semi-final, I thought it would have been tougher, but the guy didn’t put up that much resistance. I think that helped to get me ready for the final. I just went for it.”

#With his game taking off this year, Major Jr said he’s confident that any time he steps out on the court, he can take on any opponent he faces.

#“This year was a really good start for me in these tournaments,” he pointed out. It’s given me a lot of momentum. This year I am gearing up for what I want to do. These tournament victories will only help me to get to that next level.”

#Major Jr will be back in action on Monday when he plays his fourth tournament for the year in Vero Beach, Florida.

#“I want to keep playing as much as I can. I’m feeling so good,” he stated.

#Now residing in Tampa, Florida with his manager Molly O’Brien and her family, Major Jr said he just focuses on playing tennis and that has been the difference in his success so far.

#“She’s connected me with a tremendous amount of opportunities, so I’m just really grateful that it has come about because this sport is extremely expensive to play in,” he stated. “She’s been able to put a full team around me, giving me the full support I need on and off the court.

#“I’m just very fortunate in what I do. For most people, the road has been difficult because they haven’t been blessed with the talent that I have. I recognise that and I don’t waste it. I’m just happy to have someone like that in my corner.”

#Major Jr, however, said he and his team have been reaching out to the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association, headed by president Perry Newton, for some assistance, but to no avail. “I can only fight to show you how good I am for so long and then after that, it’s on you,” he said. “When I play these tournaments, people know who I am before I get there. They know what to expect from me. They know the level of tennis that I am going to bring. They know it’s going to be fun to watch.

#“But at the end of the day because I’m so entertaining to watch, I’m aware of what’s happening and the people in Tampa have given me this space to where I can only focus on playing tennis. So I don’t think about anything else. If they work out, they do, if they don’t, then they don’t. I can’t let that stop me from where I want to go.”

#Based on the high level of energy that he brings to the court, Major Jr said a lot of people feel like he has the ability to play on the major pro circuit, but there are so many variables that will enable him to take that next step. “Tennis is very expensive. I have to pay for my travel, my food, and my coach’s expenses. It’s a full array of expenses,” he pointed out. “Normally the guy with the best team that has all of these things covered is normally the one who gets there and gets there faster.

#“He’s only thinking about playing tennis. Everything else is already taken care of or is being handled by someone else. My job is to literally just play tennis. But when you have to worry about all of these things, it’s a major distraction.”

#As he worked on getting certain issues sorted out with the BLTA, Major Jr assured the Bahamian public that “nothing happens before it’s time.” He said the3 best thing for him to do is to “stay patient under pressure.” He added that “pressure doesn’t last forever.”

#So one day, he will get it all sorted out and make that leap to the next level.

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