Bahamas Kidney Association to host fun run/walk this Saturday

As of Friday, March 17, 2023


#THE Bahamas Kidney Association (BKA) will host a fun run/walk tomorrow (March 18) at 6:30am on Goodman’s Bay.

#With March being national kidney month, it was the perfect time for event organisers to host the event to raise awareness for kidney health in The Bahamas.

#The event serves as another way for BKA to give back to the community and is one of the association’s major fundraisers for the year.

#The fun run/walk will feature a short route which is from Goodman’s Bay to Melia and back and a long route from Goodman’s Bay to Starbucks roundabout and back.

#Tamika Roberts, president of the Bahamas Kidney Association, talked about how persons can register for the event with one day remaining.

#“Registration will be open on Saturday. We encourage everyone to come out early if you haven’t registered,” Roberts said.

#Persons can come out from as early as 5am on Saturday morning or can register at

#Roberts added that currently they are at about 30% of the sign up goal and are looking for more support from the public ahead of Saturday’s fun run/walk.

#She hopes to have more local businesses sponsor not only this event, but other community events hosted by BKA in the future.

#For those who are interested in registering for this year’s BKA fun run/walk event, the registration fees for adults are $20 and for students $10.

#Despite looking for more support from the public, Roberts is thankful for the amount of support BKA has received and to those who have made the process a smooth one.

#BKA encourages those who have not registered as yet to come out early on Saturday and for those that wish to volunteer are welcome and can reach out via the email above or 242-436-1317.

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