BFA empowers women to become soccer coaches

As of Friday, November 4, 2022

#WITH a mandate to increase awareness and interest in the sport of football throughout the country, the Bahamas Football Association is doubling its efforts to train women to become coaches.

#The Concacaf Women’s C Licence Coaching Course Part I is underway at the Thomas A Robinson Stadium.

#Soraya Toppin-Herbert, the director of women’s football development who is spearheading this initiative, will help prepare 20 female coaches to strengthen their skills and enhance their ability to train in various football environments, especially at the grassroots level.

#Currently, there are three Concacaf D licensed Bahamian female coaches in the country and the BFA wishes to increase the number of female licensed coaches by 40 over the next few years.

#“We are very focused on empowering women to become coaches in their local schools and clubs, we want more young girls to see how exciting the sport can be and provide options for how they experience the sport and as we know from experience, coaching is a pathway to success,” said Toppin-Herbert.

#The Concacaf Women’s C License Coaching Course is scheduled for 6pm to 9pm November 2-4 and 9am to 5pm November 5-6.

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