Fun run/walk on final morning of CARIFTA

As of Thursday, March 23, 2023


FOSTER DORSETT, BAAA first vice president, and the Dame of CARIFTA, Pauline Davis at the press conference to announce the Let’s Move Bahamas Fun Run/walk.



#The Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) has officially launched the “Let’s Move Bahamas” fun run/walk.

#The unique event is scheduled for Easter weekend at 6am on the final morning of April’s 50th CARIFTA Games.

#With the event taking place on the highly anticipated CARIFTA weekend, event organisers are asking that former CARIFTA participants join the “Let’s Move Bahamas” event on Arawak Cay.

#During a press conference held yesterday at the Thomas A Robinson Stadium, special events coordinator Damarius Cash encouraged former CARIFTA members to come out and support the event.

#“We are asking you to come out and show yourself, make yourself known to the BAAA and we are gonna highlight you at this event so we want all to come out and support,” Cash said.

#With 4,000 plus Bahamian athletes competing in the CARIFTA Games from 1972 to 2023, according to BAAA president Drumeco Archer, officials are expecting a great turnout on the final morning of the CARIFTA Games.

#For former CARIFTA participants and others that are interested in registering for the fun run/walk event, the process is simple. The first step of the registration process requires potential registrants to send an email to

#After sending an email the individual will receive a registration link where they will have to fill out a registration form for the event.

#The fun run/walk event is free in efforts to target and honour former CARIFTA athletes on the final morning of this year’s 50th CARIFTA Games.

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