Global Baseball Tournament Comes To Grand Bahama

f Friday, December 18, 2020

#THE Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA), along with the Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) and iElite Sports Academy based out of Nassau, Bahamas, is pleased to be among the sponsors of the upcoming New Balance Future Stars Series (NBFSS) 2020 World Combine international baseball tournament, taking place at the Emera Caribbean Baseball Park in Grand Bahama later this week.

#The event will bring youth baseball players to Grand Bahama together from the Dominican Republic, Columbia, Canada, the United States and The Bahamas from December 17 to 21, 2020.

#“The World Combine tournament is an annual global event that attracts skilled youth athletes from around the world,” said Philcher Grant, Director Group Corporate Affairs and Government Relations at GBPA. “We worked with iElite Sports Academy to have Grand Bahama host this much-anticipated tournament. Of course, with the ongoing pandemic COVID- 19, 2020 is a year like no other, and the health and safety of all involved is paramount. To that end, the event will be closed to the general public. Only players, parents, organisers, facility workers and the media will be permitted to be in attendance during tournament games.”

#The event presents a vital opportunity for many of Grand Bahama’s businesses who continue to be challenged by the devastating impacts of Hurricane Dorian compounded by the effects of the COVID-19 Emergency Order.

#Local hotels, transportation providers, restaurants and tour operators have an opportunity to take advantage of the influx of players and families who will bring an anticipated $1 million to the island’s economy. Due to GBPC’s efforts to restore the Baseball Park, which was severely impacted by Dorian, the island has a world-class facility to host the tournament.

#“Many of our tourism-related businesses including Pelican Bay Hotel and Taino Beach Resort, the Car Rental Association, H Forbes Charter Services and others will benefit from this much-needed trade on our island,” added Ms Grant.

#“We expect that food and beverage providers and retailers of all kinds will see increased business during the five-day tournament. It’s our most significant opportunity since the pandemic hit for our economy to begin to turn around.”

#Jeremy Booth, organiser of the 2020 World Combine Tournament, is pleased to be able to bring the event to Grand Bahama. “We are extremely excited to hold this long-awaited event in The Bahamas. We’re thankful for the group efforts to make it happen and are excited to take this step forward together,” Mr Booth stated.

#“In addition, I am looking forward to exploring the possibility of building a long term relationship in Grand Bahama, as the island’s geographical location is ideal for tournament organisers and participants alike.”

#“Today’s youth, including the many participating in this week’s tournament in Grand Bahama, are tomorrow’s leaders,” commented Geron Sands, president and co-founder of iElite Sports Academy. “The event provides an opportunity to reach two of this year’s key goals – to give children a sporting and development opportunity that they otherwise may not have, and to support the growth of baseball in The Bahamas.”

#Other sponsors of the NBFSS 2020 World Combine international baseball tournament include Cable Bahamas, Sanitation Services and B&B Galaxy. The event will be livestreamed on ZNS.

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