Junior Jumpers Put Their Skills To The Test

As of Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#Junior Jumper riders put their skills to the test at the Equestrian Bahamas Jumper Show I at Mariposa Stables on Sunday.

#The day was an exciting and instructive day for all, combining learning and competition for the riders. 

#The show featured jump courses designed by Canadian course designer Evie Frisque. Grouped according to level, riders met in the ring as a group to discuss the elements of their course then returned one-by-one to ride the jumps.

#“Showjumping is an Olympic discipline, competed on professional circuits through Europe and the Americas, but it’s not the kind of jumping our young riders normally do,” said Cathy Ramsingh-Pierre, of Equestrian Bahamas. “Neither the horse nor the rider is ‘judged.’

#“Showjumping is easier for the spectator to follow, because the winner is the one who clears the course in the fastest time, and knocks down the fewest jumps. In reality, however, a showjumping course is far more difficult to ride.”

#Equestrian Bahamas is committed to furthering equestrian sport in the Bahamas. The goal of the federation is to field a team of Bahamian riders to compete in showjumping on the regional Caribbean circuit next year, as well as for the Junior Pan Am Games in Toronto in 2015.

#EB’s calendar of events continues with a clinic featuring US. Olympic Chef d’Equipe Bernie Traurig at Camperdown Riding Club January 4-5, 2014.

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