NPPPSSA honours Lynch and Stubbs

As of Friday, December 16, 2022


#Senior Sports Reporter

#IN the spirit of the holiday season, the New Providence Public Primary Schools Sports Association found themselves on the giving and receiving end of gifts during their year-ending celebrations on Wednesday at Claridge Primary School.

#With school already closed for the students, the associations took the time out to get their physical education teachers together to participate in a breakfast fest and a time to share their experiences on the return of their sporting activities in the aftermath of the COVID- 19 pandemic.

#During the event, the NPPPSSA also took the time out to honour Carl Lynch, the assistant secretary general of the Bahamas Football Association and Tribune sports reporter Brent Stubbs for their dedication to the association.

#They were both presented with a certificate and a fruit basket for their contributions.

#In return, Lynch presented the association with a new logo on a banner for them to use during the duration of their games. Stubbs offered some words of encouragement as they look forward to the rest of the season following the Christmas holiday.

#NPPPSSA president Latoya Sturrup-Bain expressed the gratitude of the association to both Lynch and Stubbs.

#“This is our meeting for the year and so in this time of giving and sharing, we just wanted to share our love to you guys to let you know how much we appreciate you,” Sturrup- Bain told both Lynch and Stubbs.

#“We appreciate your support.

#“Anytime we call on you, you all are there. You never told me no.”

#Coming off the Christmas break, the NPPPSSA will gear up for its basketball tournament, starting on January 28. Then it’s volleyball in March and the year will close out with track and field in April.

#“The general public will also see our presence in the community when we continue our breakfast initiative and giving our grocery bags,” said Sturrup-Bain of a programme they started during the pandemic.

#“We have given out over 1,300 breakfast and about 250 grocery bags and clothing. It was sure a positive event going into communities like Bains & Grants Town, Nassau Village and Fox Hill. We want to be able to continue by going back into areas that we didn’t visit before.”

#Depending on the donations they receive, Sturrup-Bain said they could return to some of the areas they visited before.

#“We know that there is still a need out there in the community and so we will be assisting in whatever way we can,” she said.

#Claire Hepburn, representing the Ministry of Education, was also on hand and she endorsed the proceedings for the day. She also commended Lynch and Stubbs for their support to the NPPPSSA.

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