Retired Boxers Association Inaugural Hall of Fame Awards postponed

As of Tuesday, September 6, 2022

#THE Retired Boxers Association Inaugural Hall of Fame Awards programme originally scheduled for Sunday, September 18 has been postponed and will now take place at a date to be announced in late October.

#A spokesman for the organisation, headed by Pat ‘The Centreville Assasin’ Strachan, said that the event was put off because of circumstances beyond the control of the organisers.

#However, plans are being made to hold the event in late October at the same venue – JCN Broadcast Centre on University Drive.

#The association will induct former world champion Oswald ‘Elisha Obed’ Ferguson, Gomeo Brennen, William ‘Yama Bahama’ Butler Jr, Ray Minus Sr, Nathaniel ‘Nat’ Knowles, Garvin ‘Garry’ Davis, Charlie Major Sr., Kirkwood ‘Baby Boy’ Rolle, Leonard ‘Boston Blackie’ Miller, Bertram ‘Bert Perry’ Perigord, Wilfred Coakley Jr., Wilfred ‘Battling’ Douglas, Clifford ‘Sugar Cliff’ Francis and Andre Seymour into the Hall of Fame Class of 2022. The association will also recognise Tureano Johnson, Ray Minus Jr., George ‘Boo’ Wilmore, Everette Jackson, L. Garth Wright, Paul Thompson, Gladstone Thurston, Chris Malakius, Roger Kelty, Charlie Major Sr., Frederick Sturrup and Valentino Knowles for their outstanding contribution to amateur and professional boxing.

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