Rising Swim Stars Shine Atop Their Division

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Izaak Bastian, Jared Fitzgerald, Joanna Evans, Delaney Mizell, Nigel Forbes, Luke-Kennedy Thompson and Davante Carey.


Katelyn Cabral

#THE Mako Aquatics Club completed the 2019 Rev National Swimming Championships with their back-to-back victory at the Betty Kelly Kenning Aquatic Centre on Sunday night.

#At the end of the four-day meet, Mako Aquatic collected a total of 1,862.50 points to hold off the YMCA WaveRunners, who came in second with 1,458.50. The Alpha Aquatics got third with 1,159.50.

#Grand Bahamian Joanna Evans, home from her preparation for her professional career, surpassed the FINA World Championships’ B cut of two minutes and 02.81 seconds by touching the wall in 2:01.55 in the girls’ 15-and-over 200 metre freestyle.

#Evans, 21, also attained the Pan Am B standard in the girls’ 15-and-over 100m freestyle of 59.95 when she did 57.53, along with Alpha’s Ariel Weech in 59.61.

#Evans, however, said she intends to bypass the XVIII Pan Am, set for July 26 to August 11, and will be focusing on the World Championship, scheduled for July 12-28 in Gwangju, South Korea in her quest to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

#Davante Carey, the 16-year-old rising star, made his presence felt with his second place finish in 25.03.

#Meanwhile Laura Morley, home to compete for Mako, made the A cut for the Pan American Games in the girls’ 15-and-over 200m individual medley in two minutes and 19.0 seconds. The A standard is 2:19.99.

#Izaak Bastian also attained the Pan Am B standard in the boys’ 15-and-over 200m IM in 2:09.71. The qualifying time was 2:11.90.

#Two competitors also achieved the Pan Am B standard in the boys’ 15-and-over 100m freestyle of 52.79.

#Alpha’s Jared Fritzgerald won in 51.29 and Freeport’s Lamar Taylor did 52.58.

#Other divisional

#winners were:

#Girls 8-and-under – Skyler Smith, YMCA WaveRunners, with 48, two more than Alpha Aquatics’ Saleste Gibson with 46.

#Boys 8-and-under – Barracuda’s David Singh with 48, nipping YMCA WaveRunners’ Kaylan Williams with 47.

#Girls 9-10 – Zoe Williamson of Freeport Aquatic with 58, followed by YMCA WaveRunners’ Daniel Passion with 55.

#Boys 9-10 – YMCA WaveRunners with 63 over Dolphins’ Donald Saunders with 52.

#Girls 11-12 – Leylah Knowles of Alpha Aquatics finished with 61, well ahead of runner-up Seannia Norville-Smith of the YMCA WaveRunners with 50.50.

#Girls 13-14 – Delaney Mizell of the Lyford Cay Club with 55, three more than runner-up Zaylie-Elizabeth Thompson of Alpha with 52.

#Boys 11-12 – Marvin Johnson of the YMCA WaveRunners with 63 over Tristin Ferguson of Mako Aquatics Club with 57.

#Boys 13-14 – Nigel Forbes of the YMCA WaveRunners scored 63 points over Mako’s archrival Erald Thompson III with 56.

#Girls 15-and-over – Katelyn Cabral of YMCA WaveRunners with 48 over Margaret Higgs, unattached, with 43.

#Boys 15-and-over – Davante Carey, Mako, with 49, five more than Alpha’s Luke Thompson with 44.

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