Spectacular debut for Red-Line Athletics in Texas

RED-Line Athletics track team in Texas.

RED-Line Athletics track team in Texas.

As of Tuesday, January 24, 2023


RED-Line Athletics track team braving the cold weather.


RED-Line Athletics boys team in Texas.


#Senior Sports Reporter


#THE Red-Line Athletics’ 20-plus member team made a spectacular debut at the Texas Tech High School over the weekend in Texas.

#The team, according to head coach Tito Moss, returned home with quite a number of significant performances as they head into hosting their fourth Sonja Knowles Track Classic this weekend at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.

#“We had a phenomenal meet,” Moss said. “We literally had in excess of 25 indoors PR (personal records) and eight of nine lifetime best performances. So all in all, it was a very good meet for us.

#“We had some competitors, who competed indoors for the first time, but they all performed very well under the circumstances. We also had some athletes who weren’t accustomed to competing in such cold weather and so they had to make some adjustments.”

#Moss congratulated athletes such as Clint Laguerre, Morgan Moss, Bayli Major, Nyu Wright, Jonathan Fowler, Tumani Skinner and Ezthia Maycock. He said the athletes all performed their best from the 60m to the 800m.

#“I’m really pleased for the production of the kids,” said Moss, who indicated that they intend to make it an annual trip to Texas to compete as they expose their athletes to at least one indoor meet a year and another one during the outdoor season.

#Now the focus switches back home where Red-Line will prepare for their first of two meets this year heading into the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations’ hosting of the 50th Golden Jubilee Carifta Games over the Easter holiday weekend from April 7-11.

#“We are really excited for our young under-17 and under-20 athletes. We are expecting some big performances this year,” Moss proclaimed. “This meet this weekend will be no different. We re looking to have some fun.

#“This meet will have heats and finals in the 100, 200 and 400m, so we will be pitting the best against the best so that everybody can see where they’re and what they need to work on heading into the weeks ahead of Carifta. It promises to be a good meet for the athletes to compete in and the spectators to come out and cheer them on.”

#The Red-Line meet, honouring former St Augustine’s College principal Sonja Knowles, will begin at 10am on Saturday and will wrap up on Sunday, starting at 2pm.

#Here’s a look at some of the top performances from Red-Line Athletics at the meet in Texas over the weekend:

#Girls 60m results out of 292 competitors – Darvinque Dean –  7.94 for 69th; Madison Moss – 8.17 for 130th; Tajonee Duncombe – 8. 27 for 151st; Tamia Edwards – 8.41 for 182nd and Andrea Seddembe –  8.58 for 219th.

#Boys 60m results out of 271 competitors – Jonathan Fowler – 7.03 for 29th; Khalon Christie – 7.18 for 70th; Jaden Clarke – 7.72 for 224th and Trent King – 7.82 for 239th.

#Girls 200m results out of 385 competitors – Bayli Major, 25.21 for lifetime best; Nya Wright – 25.24 for new indoor PR for 45th; Darvinque Dean 25.53 for lifetime best; Madison Moss – new indoor PR of 26.71 for 140th Kennedi Knowles – 26.80 for 148th; Tamia Edwards – 27.42 for new lifetime best for 204th; Tajonee Duncombe – 27.74 for new lifetime best for 229th and Kennedy Hannah – 28.53 for new indoor PR for 284th.

#200m boys results out of 335 competitors – Clinton Laguerre – 21.97 for new lifetime best for 18th; Tumani Skinner – 22.18 for lifetime best for 27th; Jonathan Fowler – 22.48 for new indoor PR for 48th; Morgan Moss – 22.74 for new indoor PR for 71st; Khalon Christie – 23.03 for lifetime best for 98th; Alexis Brown – 23.54 for lifetime best for 148th; Jaden Clarke – 25.38 for new indoor PR for 297th and Trent King – 25.76 for new PR for 304th.

#Girls 400m results out of 197 competitors – Nya Wright – 58.60 for lifetime best for 21st;  Bayli Major – 59.78 for lifetime best for 38th and Kennedi Knowles – 1.02.31 for 73rd; Kennedi Hanna – 1.07.93 for 163rd.

#Boys 400m results out of 187 competitors – Clinton Laguerre – 49.73 for 16th; Morgan Moss – 51.76 for lifetime best for 51st; Tumani Skinner – 52.78 for 74th and Alexis Brown – 52.87 for 76th.

#Girls 800m results out of 83 competitors – Ezthia Maycock- 2.26.86 for lifetime best for 19th.

#Boys 800m results out of 112 competitors – Terron McKenzie – 2.54.99 for 111th.


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