Undefeated Cavaliers secure 40-31 win over Freedom Baptist Warriors

As of Friday, December 2, 2022


FAMILY: Coach Wilton Johnson and his Mt Carmel Cavaliers senior boys basketball team join in prayer after their victory last night against the Freedom Baptist Warriors.


COACH WILTON JOHNSON, far right, gets his point across on the sidelines yesterday.

#IT was another day in the office for coach Wilton Johnson and his Mt Carmel Cavaliers senior boys basketball team last night.

#In the final game of the slate on a chilly Thursday evening, the Cavaliers were able to stay undefeated with a 2-0 record, earning the emphatic 40-31 victory over the Freedom Baptist Warriors.

#Dorien LaRoda and Romin St Rose led the way for Mt Carmel with 18 and 11 points respectively.

#A number of games were played yesterday as the Bahamas Scholastic Athletic Association resumed basketball action inside the Hope Centre at University Commons.

#Thursday Results are as follows:

#Mini Division

#Kingsway Academy 8 def Genesis Academy 4

#Ralph Saintil no. 21 led Kingsway with 4 pts in the win.

#Noel Sands no. 1 led Genesis with 4pts in the loss.

#Junior Boys

#Greenville Preparatory Academy 28 def Freedom Baptist Academy B 17

#Michael Dames no. 4 led Greenville with 10pts in the win.

#Devaughn Deveaux no. 22 led Freedom B with 8pts in the loss.

#Freedom Baptist Academy A 24 def Genesis Academy 21

#Senior Girls

#St. John’s College 26 def Teleos Christian School 4

#Reyannah Green no. 7 led the Giants with 11pts in the win.

#Friday, December 2

#MD – Temple Christian School vs Genesis Academy

#PG – Freedom Baptist Academy vs Temple Christian School

#PB – Teleos Christian School vs Kingsway Academy

#JG – Teleos Christian School vs Freedom Baptist Academy

#SB – Freedom Baptist Academy vs New Horizon Christian Academy

#SB – Genesis Academy vs Teleos Christian School


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