Xavion Johnson wins another judo tournament

As of Wednesday, March 15, 2023


XAVION Johnson in action in the under-18 boys’ division at the Edmonton International Judo Championships.


XAVION Johnson is flanked by his rivals in the under-18 division.


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#IT was another big weekend for Xavion Johnson, only this time he added the open divisional crown to his continued dominance of the under-18 boys’ division at the 2023 Edmonton International Judo Championships in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Saturday.

#“It was pretty good. This was probably one of my best performances yet,” Johnson said.

#“I still have some things to work out, but it was okay.”

#Johnson said he came into the tournament with a specific game plan and he stuck to it.

#In the under-18 division, Johnson had to face off against one of his team-mates from his training camp and after getting into the final, Johnson needed just one minute to dispose of his opponent to clinch the title.

#He came on Sunday and competing in the open division, Johnson had a tougher time, but after facing the same opponent he met in the under-18 final, he got through with another victory. Then in the final, Johnson secured the title in a little over one minute.

#“I feel really good. I felt like I went out there and did just as I expected,” Johnson said.

#“I knew I had a chance to win the under-18 division, but I really wanted to get the open division and I got it too.”

#This was Johnson’s third tournament for the year and out of the 21 matches he fought, he only lost two.

#“I definitely have to work on my gripping and trying to improve on my groundwork,” he said. “I think if I can improve on these two aspects of my game, I will be able to do much better in the future.”

#Johnson thanked his mother Ordain Moss and the local and international judo clubs that he’s a part of right now. He also mentioned the support he’s gotten from fellow judokas Cynthia Rahming and Andrew Munnings.

#“All of their support has been tremendous,” said Johnson, who also thanked all his family members and friends, including his grand and great-grandmothers Tracey and Hazel Chea, godmother Udean Sattom and Paul Sattom.

#“Without them, I don’t think I would be in the position that I am in right now.”

#Johnson, 16, said he will continue to train in Canada with the hopes of qualifying for the Cadet World Championships in 2023.

#His ultimate goal is to qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France, if not to be eligible to compete in 2028 in Los Angeles, California.


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