Ranger takes over as president of the New Providence Referee Association

As of Tuesday, July 25, 2023


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#LONG-time referee Darrell Ranger has replaced Travis Sawyer as the new president of the New Providence Referee Association.

#He was elected two months ago and will serve for the next four years.

#Although Ranger was not on the previous board, he decided to run for president because he felt that the association needed “someone stronger.”

#“I felt like we needed someone stronger. Not that he wasn’t doing a good job, I feel like people will respect me more knowing what I bring to the game and what I stand for,” explained Ranger.

#Ranger elaborated on the plans that he has for the next four years in office.

#“My plan is to try to get more referees on the board, try to get them certified, and get more of them in the professional ranks.” says Ranger.

#He further went on to say that he would like to increase the number of members from 25 to 50.

#With this increase, the association can make sure that there are enough referees to cover The Bahamas and help persons to be more knowledgeable on the rules. His long-term goal is to obtain more referees and help others to see it as a business.

#For persons interested in becoming a referee, Ranger explained the steps to get yourself into the profession.

#You would have to attend a seven-day clinic to be able to be familiar and learn FIBA rules.

#Following this, you must pass a physical and written test and also an on-court test to learn what you would have to do on the court and where you would need to be. He also expressed that with being a referee, you have to realise that you are working with humans, so you have to be able to make rational decisions based on FIBA rules and have tough skin. “You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t but be damned your way,” he emphasised.

#There are currently two referees’ associations in New Providence and Ranger expressed his desire to see the two bodies being unified. He said that uniting the associations would be a plus and the diversity will allow them to be stronger and there will also be more referees to choose from.

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